What is an ALTA Survey?

It is a land survey with especially stringent requirements as developed by a joint effort of the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The ALTA standards are a nationwide uniform set of standards.  The survey is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of lenders, corporations and title companies when dealing with valuable commercial properties.

An ALTA survey is one means of reducing risk in a real estate transaction. The process of preparing an ALTA survey may show that possession or use of the property does not conform to record information, with the result that the extent of title and rights do not always conform to the boundaries set forth in a deed.  An ALTA survey provides detail, such as fences, trails, roads, utility lines and other features of the property, and may highlight the need for further investigation into the possibility of adverse rights.  Also, an ALTA survey can establish that the legal description being relied upon in the purchase contract and deed can be used to actually locate the property on the ground.

Why Use Mass ALTA Surveys for your next project?

Mass ALTA Surveys is one of the areas leading provider of ALTA surveys.  Our select group of licensed and insured professional engineers and land surveyors are able to quickly and efficiently provide you and your insurance agency with the survey information they require.  Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to handle the complete job in-house which enables us to keep our expenses low and also provides a quick turn-around time.

In addition, our top-of-the line surveying equipment and drafting tools provide our clients with the survey they need quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

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